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Transient / burst surge (BAT-ELEC)

tests automation software


Supporting our customers for the new challenges with continuously evolving standards, NEXIO has developed BAT-ELEC, the only software which is compatible with all brands of test generators and for all standards (automotive, commercial electronics, etc.).


· Automotive: ISO 16750-2 / ISO 7637-2
· Commercial electronics: IEC 61000-4-4 / IEC 61000-4-5 / IEC 61000-4-11 / IEC 61000-4-12

Customer Benefits - BAT-ELEC

1 software for all your equipment

1 software for all standards

1 software for all your electrical EMC tests

Automated reports

Dedicated team of specialists at your disposal

Advanced EUT monitoring & control functions

Verification of signals with scopes, and automatic print screen directly sent to report

We take into account customer feedback in new developments

Dedicated support on different time zones. In 4 languages: English, French, German, Chinese

1 Software for all your tests (EMC, RF, transients, radio)

BAT range has been developed by NEXIO since 1995. Our 250 clients are located worldwide.

with the EMC and RF NEXIO engineering departments