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Emission Solution

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BAT-EMC allow you perform test according to Conducted Emission and Radiated Emission. And you can configure these type of test according to the limit line, with or without antenna mast and turntable, the detector, and RBW, sweep time,… 

Traditionnal Emission test

Remeasurement options (detector, settings, data reduction)

Advanced display options: (scale, markers, zoom etc.)

Suspects and Finals tabular data

Import curves from previous tests to compare to the many different limit lines

Sub ranges displayed as a whole or individually

Manual remeasurement functions (finals, suspects)

Fully customized algorithms functions with Antenna Mast and Turntable:

If condition

Frequency sweep, Peak search, frequency measurement

Turn table in continuous movement, or fixed angle or rotation by step

Antenna mast with a fixed height, or a continuous vertical movement or a vertical movement by step

Customer will be able to create their own algorithm to perform the commercial maximization

Automotive Emission test

Limit definition: same structure as the limit of automotive manufacturers

Test execution with multiple limits

Optimization to save time: Measurement at 120kHz instead of 9kHz and Peak measurement instead of QPeak

Option to automatically remeasure 9kHz and QPeak

Automatic Report with highly customable table of results and customize synthesis table

Discover the Emission module in Video

We take into account customer feedback in new developments

Dedicated support on different time zones. In 4 languages: English, French, German, Chinese

1 Software for all your tests (EMC, RF, transients, radio)

BAT range has been developed by NEXIO since 1995. Our 250 clients are located worldwide.

with the EMC and RF NEXIO engineering departments