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adapts to all robotic systems


BAT-Scan is the first software compatible with numerical simulation software.


Automation with BAT-Scan

For the purpose of the project, NEXIO relied on its expertise in automation and its development structure to produce an industrial software suitable for measurements with near field scanners. BAT-Scan adapts to all scanner systems (10 drivers available since 2013) and offers a multitude of functions dedicated to best use. BAT-SCAN is the first software compatible with the standardized format IEC61967-1-1 that allows the use of results in your numerical simulation software. BAT-Scan enjoys the benefits of BAT-EMC, a leader in EMC automation software: technical support, web portal, maintenance and a library of instrument drivers (more than 500 to date, and averaging the addition of 10 drivers per year).


Customer Benefits

Investigate EMC failures observed during radiated emissions testing

Assist with sustaining compliance due to design changes or component obsolescence

Characterize the leakage of a shield (location, quantification, etc.)

Evaluate the impedance mismatch of the tracks on a PCB

Optimize the placement IC/PCB or PCB/box to reduce the phenomena of self-disturbance

Manual remeasurement functions (finals, suspects)

Modelling and simulation

The team at NEXIO have implemented the functionality needed to automate vectorial measurements, allowing direct connection with the EMC simulation tool market. These parameters, in addition to new features of post-processing, deliver the numerical model of the EUT after testing and performs additional analysis by simulation. These models are particularly appreciated by system designers who want to know the EMC characteristics of the subsystems, as accurately and realistically as possible.

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We take into account customer feedback in new developments

Dedicated support on different time zones. In 4 languages: English, French, German, Chinese

1 Software for all your tests (EMC, RF, transients, radio)

BAT range has been developed by NEXIO since 1995. Our 250 clients are located worldwide.

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