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Easy Monitoring

all your test, check your EUT


The easy monitoring tool is a range of software to check/ control your EUT during the EMC test and also all others environmental test.  

This range of tool cover several type of equipment to check different king of information from the EUT. For example : Voltmeter, multimeter, power meter, camera, datalogger, spectrum analyzer, external softwar.



· Automated: fault detection according to user configured scenarios.
· Easy to use: completely integrated into BAT-EMC software, no need for complex driver configuration or programming.
· Flexible: works alone or synchronized to external systems through any software via Ethernet, RS232…
· Compatible: drives most measuring devices (oscilloscope, NI acquisition card, GPIB…).


Easy Tool

This interface will give you the possibility to connect an external program. This program will do specific action and request.

  • NEXIO will provide you an example in LAbview or C++ or C# or Agilent Vee to interface with BAT-EMC. This software example have inputs and outputs and you can develop what you need between the input and output. This interface is already in the folder BAT-EMC/BAT-EMS/Tools. This possibility is free of charge but you have to develop your program.
  • We can develop for you a specific program according to your requirement. The cost will depends on the number of days we will need

Our EUT video acquisition & surveillance control tool. In case of faults, it executes actions set up by the user. Associated to NEXIO’s EMC software, BAT-Image detects EUT malfunctions through real-time analysis.
The goal of BAT-Image is to compare the reference image to the real-time image.
Integrated into BAT-EMC, BAT-Image can be used as a control tool during immunity tests to detect EUT malfunctions through real-time analysis.

EASY Control

This license allows you to use equipment with the script definitions in BAT-EMC. In BAT-EMC, in the Equipment folder there is a script called “Measure” and you can add GPIB instructions to read values from the equipment. This option is limited and you can only communicate with “simple equipment” like voltmeters, spectrum analyzers, multimeters, power meters, field probes, etc.  


This license allows you to use Oscilloscopes. In BAT-EMC you can choose the function you want to use (maximum, minimum, frequency, duty cycle, Peak-peak, period, mask function). This option allows you to save your settings and send them during the test. If there is a fault during the test, we can make a print screen of the scope and save it in BAT-EMC 


This module allow you to use CANOE or CANalyzer with BAT-EMC. You can see the variable of these 2 software in BAT-EMC and you can define some limit for each value and the actions related to this fault.

Agilent 34970

This module is a specific development we have made for the Agilent 34970. This equipment is a data acquisition box with 44 channels. You have option to define each channel with parameters and limit.

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