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Founded in 2003, NEXIO offers the market’s widest range of electromagnetic automation test software through a global network of support staff and sales representatives. NEXIO develops the software range called BAT, which stands for ‘‘Benchtop Automated Testing’’. BAT is a package of high-performance automation test software for a variety of electromagnetic compliance and RF testing requirements for all industries

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Flexible, easy to use and completely independent of any measuring device or complete system, BAT-EMC provides an answer to the increase in productivity and quality requirements of the EMC tests.

Transient/Burst Surge (BAT-ELEC)

BAT-ELEC is our software to automate Transient/Burst/Surge tests with different type of equipment.

Radio-RF (BAT-RF)

BAT-RF is our Radio Frequency (RF) test software for antenna radiation patterns. It offers a wide range of test methods to set the basis for measuring antenna performance indicators, and for testing the radiated characteristics of various wireless devices.

Planning and Management of Laboratory Tests (BAT-MANAGER)

BAT-Manager a collaborative software for centralized data management and the management of activities of a laboratory.

Easy Monitoring

When a fault is detected, EASY-Monitoring executes actions configured by the user. Linked to BAT-EMC software, it detects EUT malfunctions through real-time signal analysis during the test.

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  • BAT-EMC includes drivers for all for brands of equipment. We guarantee to provide you the drivers you need free of charge.
  • This means:
    • you have the flexibility to choose the equipment you want without any pressure from the brand manufacturers, (“which driver is available with my software?”)
    • You will reap the benefit of a real competition when you will ask for quotations to replace equipment with other manufacturers (cheaper). If you are locked in with R&S, there is no reason for them to give you a discount for a new receiver.
    • BAT-EMC also includes metrology management of your equipment.
  • NEXIO will provide drivers for the newest and the older equipment. We need to have GPIB, serial port, Ethernet or USB to connect your equipment.
  • The oldest equipment’s driver we have are from the 70’s.

The Nexio developer team is big enough to develop improvement for all our customers and also dedicated functions only for you.

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The size of the development and technical support team increases accordingly: 12 employees.
Our 14 distributors are also present to support you.” text_font_size=”20px” text_margin=”17px” text_line_height=”31px”]
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[mkdf_icon_with_text type=”icon-top” icon_pack=”dripicons” dripicon=”” title_tag=”” custom_icon=”90″ title=”Responsive technical Support” link=”#” text=”Dedicated support on different time zones. In 4 languages: English, French, German, Chinese” text_top_margin=”9px” title_top_margin=”28px” text_bottom_padding=”21px” custom_hover_icon=”92″]
[mkdf_icon_with_text type=”icon-top” icon_pack=”dripicons” dripicon=”” title_tag=”” custom_icon=”98″ title=”Optimal Choice” link=”#” text=”1 Software for all your tests (EMC, RF, transients, radio)” text_top_margin=”9px” title_top_margin=”28px” text_bottom_padding=”21px” custom_hover_icon=”100″]
[mkdf_icon_with_text type=”icon-top” icon_pack=”dripicons” dripicon=”” title_tag=”” custom_icon=”102″ title=”Strong Company” link=”#” text=”BAT range has been developed by NEXIO since 1995. Our 250 clients are located worldwide.” text_top_margin=”9px” title_top_margin=”28px” text_bottom_padding=”21px” custom_hover_icon=”104″]
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