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How to manage planning in your EMC laboratory?

// The issues of resource planning in laboratories
// What are the advantages of a web application?
// Management of staff, chambers and equipment schedules
// Management of laboratory projects
// What are the visualization modes to check the availability of resources and their occupancy rate?
// Management of rights by role creation: access, modification and visualization
// Report and Data Analysis
// Customization of the solution according to the specific needs of the laboratories
// Demonstration of the new BAT-MANAGER application: a simple and efficient interface
// Discussion, questions/answers

Automation of your metrology using a network analyser or generator and meter

// Presentation of a verification method for LISN, CDN
// BAT-EMC interface linked to the measurement method
// Definition of measurement limits and uncertainties
// Solution to perform CDN verification measurements
// Demonstration of a measurement with CDN and/or cable
// Automatic metrology report generation
// Presentation of amplifier verification measurements (gain, dB of compression, harmonics, saturation)

Automation of your metrology using an oscilloscope

// Presentation of a calibration standard for ESD guns
// BAT-EMC interface in relation to the standard
// Definition of measurement limits and uncertainties
// Solution for performing calibration measurements of an ESD gun
// Demonstration of a measurement with a simulated surge generator
// Automatic generation of metrology reports

Monitoring during immunity tests - Part 2

// Check your EUT with an oscilloscope and use its measurement or calculation functions
// Monitor a dashboard with numerous indicators
// Control a video during your tests
// Your EUT communicates on the CAN bus and you wish to monitor and transmit parameters on the bus.
// You use software such as CANOE or CANalyzer. How can they be associated with the EMC test?
// Automate the control of the eCall communication

Monitoring during immunity tests - Part 1

// What is monitoring?
// Associate an immunity test with monitoring
// Perform a simple measurement with a measurer
// Manage the performance of several voltage and/or current measurements in parallel
// You need to activate a device or a function during the test to change the mode or configuration. Is this possible? How do you do it?
// You want to develop your own control and monitoring interface (Labview, Vee, C++, C#)
// Check the transmission quality of a mobile phone

A tour of reverb tests

// Introduction to reverberation chambers (advantages / disadvantages)
// Presentation of the standards used for reverberation tests (automotive, aeronautic, commercial, military)
// Configuration of EMC tests in BAT-EMC according to the different standards:
– 2 steps of reverb calibration: empty and loaded calibration
– 2 steps in reverb test: calibration on EUT and immunity test on EUT

How to optimize your radiated emission measurements according to commercial standards?


// Introduction to emission testing for commercial standards (CISPR11 22 32, FCC…)
// Customization of the tests in the BAT-EMC automation software
// Configuration of frequency sweeps
// Comparison of measurements with limits
// Configuration of final measurements with maximization (turntable and antenna mast)
// Automatic measurement
// Measurement in manual mode
// Visualization of frequency and 2D graphical results
// Export of results in Excel format and automatic generation of test report in Word

Presentation of new features and improvements BAT-EMC


// New Graphic interface in Emission and the Metrology

// New BAT-EMC Report Fast and Powerful

// Automotive by band and CISPR25 Hybrid