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Immunity solution

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Immunite Solution

Bat-EMC Immunity license allow you to perform test according to conducted Immunity and Radiated Immunity (such as Bulk current injection, conducted voltage immunity, Uniform field zone calibration (16 points calibration) and to configure Target, Modulation, Leveling parameter.
BAT-EMC Immunity covers test in Anechoic chamber and reverberation chamber.

These licenses allow you to perform Immunity test according to different type of standard (Automotive, avionic, military, commercial).


The monitoring product will help you to link the immunity test to the behaviour of your EUT.

Customer Benefits - Immunity test software

Automatic and Manual modes

for fault logging and investigation

Possibility to customize the driver

Individual graphs

for Levels/Power/VSWR and Transfer Impedance and Monitoring

Automatic Threshold search function

(top-down progressive or stepped, down-up), and possibility to synchronization with Control Tool.

Test log and fault list

Sub ranges displayed

as a whole or individually

Discover the immunity module in Video

We take into account customer feedback in new developments

Dedicated support on different time zones. In 4 languages: English, French, German, Chinese

1 Software for all your tests (EMC, RF, transients, radio)

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