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03/11/22 – Webinar – How to manage planning in your EMC laboratory?

We are pleased to invite you to the webinar dedicated to the management of your laboratory schedules, organised by the NEXIO product team (english version). On this occasion, we will present the different tools developed in collaboration with laboratory managers, allowing the management of chambers, personnel and equipment. The webinar will be on GoToWebinar, in live and free by registration.

Moderator: Maxime BLIN
BAT-EMC software developer

How to manage planning in your EMC laboratory? Use a dedicated application and say goodbye to spreadsheets!

3/11/20223:00pm CET45 minutes
// The issues of resource planning in laboratories
// What are the advantages of a web application?
// Management of staff, chambers and equipment schedules
// Management of laboratory projects
// What are the visualization modes to check the availability of resources and their occupancy rate?
// Management of rights by role creation: access, modification and visualization
// Report and Data Analysis
// Customization of the solution according to the specific needs of the laboratories
// Demonstration of the new BAT-MANAGER application: a simple and efficient interface
// Discussion, questions/answers